5 Careers You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Thank you to Career Addict for publishing me.

So a few years ago I found myself on the job meat market after spending a while in the military. I hit up the usual places looking at the usual categories and found myself sifting through the usual jobs. Sales rep. Fast food shift supervisor.  Part time tutor for five year old genius. The typical and boring role call every job seeker wades through.

Before long I had developed a complete dislike of the job market. It seemed like every job out there was designed by faceless suits whose entire goal was to choke the fun out of the workplace with a standard issue necktie. “Where,” I kept asking, “are all the interesting jobs? Who is advertising an opening for something that will turn heads at parties or become a best-selling autobiography?”

Eventually I did find a job, and it proved to be a pretty decent one. It doesn’t turn heads at parties, and it isn’t exactly going to land me any movie deals, but it pays the bills, and I do enjoy what I am doing. I do find myself wondering, though, what might have happened if, back then, I had been aware of jobs like these:

Read the rest of the article here.


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