Solar Paneled Roadways Vindicated

Thank you to Infrastructure U.S.A. for publishing me once again.

Last year I wrote a piece discussing the possible use of solar panels as road surfaces. In it I discussed a project by engineer Scott Brusaw intended to take our decaying roadways, contributors to climate change, and repurpose them to become part of the solution. Solar power generating roadways, he argued, could virtually eliminate dependence on carbon emitting fossil fuels for decades to come.

The article generated a good bit of discussion as both supporters of the concept and detractors weighed in on a healthy debate over the project. Supporters backed the confidence of Norwich Civil Engineering professor Edwin Schmeckpeper. Opponents, however, remained unconvinced. Ultimately, the disagreement between the two sides came down to one simple problem, a lack of hard data to support or rebuff the concept.

Read the rest of the article here.


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