The Classroom in a Virtual World

Thank you to Degree Diary for publishing me.

There’s a growing trend towards online education these days. Numerous universities have moved into offering specific degrees through the online sphere, such as Norwich University’s MBA, or the Geographic Information Systems degree from the University of Southern California. Other universities have even gone so far as to launch entire online programs, like Rutgers and Ohio University. Even children’s education has been getting in on the act, with an estimated 53% of all public high school students enrolled in distance education courses in 2010.

Given this, I thought we’d take a quick look at virtual worlds as classrooms. I’ve had a little experience with this, having attended classes that were conducted in Second Life, and I’ve researched purpose-built educational platforms that use the virtual world concept as the setting for education, like the Radix Endeavor. This rundown will specifically be for anyone engaged in using virtual worlds for education, either as a student in one of these classes, or as an instructor at any level from Kindergarten to post-doctorate.

Read the rest of the article here.

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