The Changing Face of the Library

Thank you to bluesyemre for publishing me.

When I was a child there were basically two types of librarians. There were the nice ones, who recommended books, chattered about your favorite characters, and beamed whenever you proudly handed over your library card to check something out. Then there were the mean ones that glowered constantly, shushed you the moment you expressed glee at finding a new book, and generally pointed at the card catalog any time you asked any sort of question.

Of course, even then there was a bit more to librarian careers than selecting whether or not to smile at a precocious ten year old and reshelving books. Librarians back then had to be a sort of literate illuminati, prepared to answer questions ranging from the locations of books on obscure topics (“Do you have any books on identifying roadkill?” “Second floor, third row, filed under Knutson, R.”) to all the steps needed to apply to be an astronaut.

Read the rest of the article here.


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