Online education for the American soldiers and veterans

Thank you to Transtutors for publishing me.

Education is a pretty big deal for soldiers. Enlisted soldiers can receive One and a half promotion points per semester hour of completed university credits, giving them a higher chance of making the cut whenever they come up for review. Enlisted soldiers intending to become officers need to achieve a four year degree prior to attending OCS. And for any soldier who doesn’t have a lucky rabbits foot dipped in holy water, there is always the need to have a fallback position for in case of either an ETS or a career ending injury.

Any or all of these would be a good reason for an enlisted soldier to engage in pursuing a degree. The problem is that approaching a course of education can be a bit daunting for the typical soldier. Life in the military presents unique challenges other students are unlikely to face. A soldier can be in Iraq one month, Fort Benning the next, and then Korea the month after. A traditional brick and mortar school can seem like an impossible dream under such circumstances.

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