My Transition from Soldier to Student: 5 Tips for Veterans in College

Thank you to Student Advisor for publishing me.

I left the Army and began attending college after nine years in service. During that time I had been to eleven nations, served three combat tours, and made the rank of Staff Sergeant (E-6). My transition from soldier to student was a significant event full of pitfalls, mishaps, and just a little mayhem, but it proved to be worth it in the end. The education I received not only landed me a decent job, but it also added new perspectives to a life already enriched by experiences few have had.

Knowing how many veterans out there are currently attending school or considering entering into a program, I feel it worthwhile to share a few of the lessons I learned in college that had nothing to do with the curriculum, and everything to do with being a student veteran. These are things that may or may not be specifically useful to any given individual, but which should provide a general guideline for veterans overall.

Here are my top five things veterans in college should know.

Read the rest of the article here.

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