Idaho Senate Says Yes to Cannabidiol Oil As a Treatment for Epilepsy

Thank you to IVN for publishing me again.

Idaho is not a place one would expect to see bipartisanship. Regardless of whether you use the term “Republican” or “conservative,” Idaho consistently shows up in the top 5 states for that affiliation.

The political news coming out of the state has been a long litany of arch-conservatism that has raised several eyebrows on the national stage. Recent examples have included legislatorsboycotting a Buddhist prayer in the Legislature, citing the state’s Christian roots, and calling for the impeachment of district judges who rule in favor of marriage equality.

It is, therefore, both surprising and encouraging that the Idaho Senate has voted to approve a measure that is traditionally something more in line with liberal and libertarian thinking than anything the Republican Party is known for.

Read the rest of the article here.


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