An Old School Gamer’s Take on Real-World Maps and Fantasy Campaigns

Thank you to Ontological Geek for publishing me!

So I’ve been thinking about maps lately.

To be fair, I think about maps quite a bit. I’ve been fascinated ever since I encountered my first Nat. Geo. Map stuffed inside the magazine back in the late ‘70s. The concept of capturing a 3D space at a particular moment in time and slapping down on a paper full of symbols kind of geeked me out. I started drawing my own maps shortly thereafter, and I’ve never really grown out of that.

The thing is, having been staring at maps of both fantasy worlds and the world we actually live in I’ve noticed something. That something is, unfortunately, a ding that can cause a loss of immersion. So what is that thing I’ve noticed?

Fantasy world maps always feel like they were created by dreamers rather than cartographers.

Read the rest of the article here.


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