Barnstormers: The History of a Short-Lived Commercial Venture

Thanks to Hankering For History for publishing me once again.

I’m an old army dog. I joined in the ‘90s and spent a while working in Army Aviation as grease monkey, fixing broken helicopters and swearing at the flight suit inserts that broke them. In spite of the fact that the AH-64A is doubtlessly the ugliest, dirtiest hanger queen I’ve ever had the displeasure of being around I still love that bird years after I got out.

It seems that military aviation is something that sticks with you even after you get out. I know a lot of my pilots were talking about flying after they left. Many of them were interested in oil rig flying in the gulf or medevac work for the EMS. It was the same thrills without that whole messy getting shot at thing as a downside. Of course, for fixed wing pilots the big draw is flying commercial jets for the airlines and shipping companies. Flying commercial jets is considerably saner than wrangling a giant fan blade that’s shaking itself apart. (No, seriously.)

Read the rest of the article here.

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