Healthy Infrastructure: A Patient Care Case for Telemedicine

Thank you to Carenovate Magazine for publishing my article on Infrastructure and Telemedicine.

Today Don is having a routine surgery. It’s a quick in and out procedure, just a little arthroscopic investigation of his knee to check if there is damage to the cartilage from a fall who took last spring. He should have done this months ago, but he’s been putting it off until the pain in his knee has become simply unbearable. Today is the day he’s finally given in and scheduled it.

Why has Don put such a minor surgery off when he’s been in so much pain? It’s a fast procedure, quickly recovered from, and you’re home the same day. Well, in Don’s case it’s not one he’ll be home from the same day. Don’s a rural rancher in central Idaho, and the closest orthopedic surgeon is in Boise, a five-hour drive away. He had to leave the ranch yesterday, book a hotel overnight, and likely won’t be home again until late afternoon at best. He’s lost two days to an hour-long procedure.

Read the rest of the article here.


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