Government Data Management, Fraud, and You

Ordinarily I just point out I’ve been published and thank the publisher here. This time, however, I feel that I should add a little more.

Today’s article is, I think, pretty darned important. Not because I’m the one who wrote it, but because of what it reveals. I think this is something everyone should be aware of and be looking to do something about. Please read this article. If you are a writer, please write about this. If you aren’t, link to the article I’ve written. But do something about it. This is important!

One of the biggest issues we face as a society comes from the mismanagement of private data, but not in the way that you think. Rather than the problems created by social media or government spying, the fastest-growing problem is that our legal system has become unable to sufficiently safeguard and manage our information. We are, in many cases, still thinking in nineteenth century legal terms when dealing with twenty-first century data management problems.

One example of the biggest byproducts of this outmoded legal system is an increased risk of property tax fraud. It turns out that anyone who knows even a small bit about the assessor’s office has everything they need to run a property tax scam, and our local governments are who they can thank for this. All it takes is an internet connection, a little bit of patience, and our own government’s complete disregard for the protection of people’s financial data.

Read the rest of the article here.

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