10 Greatest Air Battles In History

Thank you to Top Tenz for publishing my article.

Aviation is a relative newcomer to the field of battle. Though balloons would begin seeing significant use as aerial recon platforms in the 1860s, the first use of air power as we think of it would not begin until World War I, a mere 100 years ago. Since then a number of battles have taken place that would shake the heavens, alter the course of wars, and change how we viewed the sky.

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2 thoughts on “10 Greatest Air Battles In History

  1. Jeff Hartley

    I have been enjoying reading you articles. The recent one on coughing reminded me of a conversation during Thanksgiving. A friend has bad bronchitis and when she would have an attack she would have trouble sleeping because every time she would lie down it would trigger the coughing. She went through her doctors and they gave her various medications that did not work. Her step-mother then suggested a shot of peppermint schnapps before going to bed and that worked. No coughing. The medicinal properties of alcohol.



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