Elizabeth, Drake and the Law of the Sea

Thank you to Susan over at The Freelance History Writer for giving me the chance to talk about pirates and Queen Elizabeth.

The year was 1585. Philip II was king of the most powerful empire of the time. His rule covered not just Spain itself, but portions of the Netherlands, France, the Italian Peninsula, Central Europe, Portugal, and much of the Americas.

His wife had been Queen Mary I of England, granting Philip the right to style himself “King of England.” However, the English Parliament had ensured that he was King in name only. Upon Mary’s death Philip lost any influence over the throne to Mary’s half-sister, a demure protestant named Elizabeth I. In spite of the loss of influence over England, Philip had attempted to maintain the best relationship he could, courting Elizabeth and defending her right to the throne against both the Pope and English Catholics. Unfortunately these efforts were to naught, and Elizabeth would prove to be a problem.

Read the rest of the post at The Freelance History Writer.


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