Several more posts have gone up since I last wrote.

So I haven’t been as good as I should at keeping up on things here. I suppose that isn’t surprising given it’s a new blog. That and I’ve been busy writing. So here’s four more articles I’ve gotten published.

Is A Masters In Engineering Worth It?

I recently read an article arguing that getting a Masters was really not worth it if your motivation was financial. Essentially, the author had been studying the question of if a Masters really made a difference or not over the course of a couple of years and his conclusion was that the answer is “No.” It’s not worth it. Don’t do it for the money. Do it for a love of learning, or to be more knowledgeable of your field, or just for the pride of it. But don’t expect it to earn you money.

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Solar-Paneled Roadways: Future Infrastructure

We’re all aware that America’s infrastructure is in trouble and needs some serious restoration work done ASAP. Shoot, you’re on a website that has that fact in the title. I somehow doubt you’re here because you think things are just fine. I don’t need to convince you that we have an urgent problem.

Instead, I am here to spark a conversation about a potential solution to two of the problems. In my opinion it’s a pretty sweet deal as it is one solution that fixes two issues. I don’t know about you, but when I’m shopping around I’m a sucker for two for one deals so this tickles my fancy nicely. The problems are our aging roadways and power grid. The solution, potentially, is solar freakin’ roadways.

Read more here:

October 1914 – The Dawn of the U-boat Menace

It is late October, 1914. World War I has been going on for three months. In London the Admiralty is in a state of shock, still attempting to come to grips with events that had occurred during the previous month and a half. The world’s most powerful navy had suffered staggering losses to the Imperial German Navy, and they had lost them to cheap, crude tin cans not fit for human habitation.

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Can a project in Dubai provide an energy use blueprint for Texas?

In the deserts of Dubai on the Eastern edge of Abu Dhabi a massive construction project is underway. The site is called Madinat Masdar, or Masdar City. The goal is to construct a new city that works with, rather than against the environment in order to reach new heights of both sustainability and standards of living. While the project is still in early days, the benefits to Dubai, and to other hot regions such as Texas, are already becoming apparent.

Read more here:


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