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The Sinking of The S.S. Normandie At NYC’s Pier 88

On February 9, 1942 crowds gathered at New York City’s pier 88 to witness a spectacle. The largest ocean liner in the world was on fire. Fire fighting efforts successfully contained the fire after five and a half hours of effort, but the effort was in vain. Five hours after the flames were out the stricken vessel rolled onto its side and settled on the bottom of the Hudson.

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Viking Ring Fortress discovered in Denmark

It was 1013 and the unthinkable had happened. A Viking sat on the throne of England as king. The story of how Sweyn Forkbeard took the crown from Æthelred (the Unready) is well known. However, events unfolding in a field on the Danish island of Zealand may help to shed new light on the details of that event.

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